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 7761 Ancestory Pass 1934 Meine Ahnen, issued 1934 to prove racial purity 18   
 7760 Ahnenpass NSDAP Published Ahnenpass, brown fabric softcover, issued, NSDAP Munich, 10 pages of entries. 48 pages total SOLD   
 7759 Ahnenpass - ancestory book Ahnenpass, Blank un-issued, Good condition, 48 pages Reichsverband der Standesbeamten Deutschlands (RDSD). These were for recording family history under the German race laws.  22 
 7758 Luftschutz and other docs Luftschutz book, stamps and alarge police related paper 15 
 7757 3rd Reich documents lot 2 Small lot of assorted documents, mainly postal, some letters, original period items not researched 24   
 7756 3rd Reich documents lot 1 Postsparbuch doc lot to Hans Stolley, assorted documents - appear to be postal savings related. Impressive designs. Original period docs. 24   
 7755 DAF Work Savings book Dora Frager DAF Work Savings book Dora Frager 15 
 7754 DAF Work Savings Book, woman born 1925 DAF Work Savings Book, woman born 1925 15 
 7752 Arbitsbuch Set, Husband and Wife Arbitsbuch Set, Husband and Wife: 1st Type Munich, Max Zwinger b 1897 working at SWF Munich;Arbeitsbuch 2nd type wife Therese Zwinger born 1900, a dressmaker. As they have been together since the 1930s, it would be a pity to separate them now. VGC SOLD   
 7751 Arbeitsbuch 2nd Type Arbeitsbuch 2nd Type Rudolf Popellak plus paper to Kurt Popellak (son?) 2 holes in cover  24   
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