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 7625 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Cross 2nd cl Mecklenburg-Schwerin Cross 2nd class 1914. Beautiful example with gilding intact.  85 
 7624 Period Rare Book: Neue Deutsche Baukunst Rare 8-3/4 x 9-3/4 inches 96 pages hard cover book in good condition is one of the best Third Reich photo books on the Nazi architecture, published by architect Albert Speer. Printed 1941 from the Volk und Reich Verlag in Berlin. Throughout the entire book are full page photos showing the art of the new German way of construction with given examples like the huge Nuremberg Party Day grounds, the new Reichschancellery, the big NSDAP school at the Chiemsee, the Reichsautobahn, Tempelhof airport and much more. Some foxing and age marks to cover but all pages present and nice clear images in good condition.   139   
 7623 WW2 Wound Badge in Gold class Maker 26 WW2 Wound Badge in Gold class, mid to late war example in zinc. Official award piece marked 26 for BH Mayer. SOLD 
 7622 War Merit Cross without swords un-issued War Merit Cross without swords un-issued condtion. Unmarked but Deschler made.In original tissue paper with long original ribbon. Hard to find a better example of the KVK2  36 
 7621 War Merit Cross 2nd class Deschler mint War Merit Cross 2nd class without swords un-issued condtion. Marked 1 on ring for Deschler. In original tissue paper with long original ribbon. Hard to find a better example of the KVK2 SOLD 
 7620 War Merit Cross with Swords 1st Class War Merit Cross with Swords 1st Class, Official issue piece marked 65 by Klein & Quenzer, early tombak type  145 
 7619 WW1 Silver grade wound badge WW1 Silver grade wound badge, cut out private purchase type. Non ferrous metal i.e. plated tombak with some wear to the finish.  29 
 7618 Iron Cross 1st Class 1914, Third Reich made Iron Cross 1st Class 1914, Third Reich made. This is a cross from 1939-45 period made for WW1 veterans. Typical WW2 pin and hook set up. Three part with magnetic iron core, good condition.  SOLD 
 7617 Iron Cross 1st Class WW1 1914 800 silver Iron Cross 1st Class WW1 1914 in 800 silver. Super attractive EK1 in 800 silver, with iron core, wide silver pin and 800 mark to the rear.  149 
 7616 U Boat War Badge, old copy U Boat War Badge, old copy in bronze. This is a tombak/brass badge that to me looks like an old copy from the 50s or 60s. Some markings on the back.   39 
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