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Third Reich Medals

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 7668 Reichsparteitag Badge 1934 in iron Reichsparteitag Badge, Deschler M√ľnchen, iron Badge for 1934 Party Rally, struck in iron by Deschler. Some rusting.  £33 
 7656 WW2 Wound Badge 2nd class  WW2 Wound Badge 2nd class Standard issue silver class wound badge in zinc, no maker mark but similar to Vienna State Mint type  £65 
 7655 WW2 Wound Badge 3rd class black Maker marked  WW2 Wound Badge 3rd class black marked 116 Standard official issue badge with maker mark 116 for Funk and Bruninghaus. Not many maker marked WBs seen often  SOLD 
 7654 WW2 Wound Badge WW2 Wound Badge gold coloured finish! Unusual item. A WW2 Wound badge with gold coloured finish. Much debate surrounds these badges with some claiming a real 1st class badge but in hollow form (unauthorised). Could be just 3rd class that has been plated, Impressive piece.  SOLD 
 7650 SA Badge Bronze, 3rd type  SA Badge Bronze, 3rd type, maker Berg and Nolte  £65 
 7649 East Front Medal with original ribbon  £38 
 7648 War Merit Medal with original ribbon  £28 
 7646 BDM RAD Badge Pin back badge in zinc for female RAD staff. Maker marked Deschler 41 and RADJ in triangle  £35 
 7643 SA Sports Badge in Silver, 3rd type fully marked incl maker Werner Redo £78 
 7636 Iron Cross 1st Class 1957 form by S&L This is a near mint example of the Iron Cross 1st Class as issued following the 1957 regulations. Although unmarked, this appears to be a classic Steinhauer and Luck made piece and is made of separate frames and magnetic steel core. The cross is supplied in an S&L type display box probably dating from period of manufacture of 1970s/80s. £85   
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