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Imperial Medals

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 REF# Name Description Price(GBP) Image
 7625 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Cross 2nd cl Mecklenburg-Schwerin Cross 2nd class 1914. Beautiful example with gilding intact.  SOLD 
 7619 WW1 Silver grade wound badge WW1 Silver grade wound badge, cut out private purchase type. Non ferrous metal i.e. plated tombak with some wear to the finish. £29 
 7617 Iron Cross 1st Class WW1 1914 800 silver Iron Cross 1st Class WW1 1914 in 800 silver. Super attractive EK1 in 800 silver, with iron core, wide silver pin and 800 mark to the rear. £149 
 7614 Russia USSR Order of the Red Star, good enamel Russia USSR Order of the Red Star, good enamel £68 
 7610 Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 in case +++SOLD+++ Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 in case. Three piece cross with iron core in dark blue old case. SOLD   
 7603 Iron Cross 1st class 1914 EK1 1914. Slightly convex. Iron Core. Substantial silver pin. Marked 900 for silver. Usual age wear. SOLD 
 7602 Iron Cross 1st Class screwback 800 Iron Cross 1st class, screw back arrangement. Cross is marked 800 for silver content. Disk and fixing screw are plated brass. Iron core. SOLD 
 7245 British King George 1935 Jubilee Medal etc A small lot of British Medals comprising of King George and Mary Jubilee from West Bromwich plus some other civil items. The on war service badge is missing its pin. Cheap lot.  £10 
 6662 1870/71 Medal Franco Prussian War medal The War Commemorative Medal of 1870/71 or Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870–71 is a campaign medal presented by Kaiser William I for service in the Franco Prussian War. The medal for combatants is manufactured from captured bronze cannon barrels. The fronte shows the crowned Royal cypher of William I over the inscription Dem siegreichen Heere (To the victorious army). Inscribed around the edge is Gott war mit uns, Ihm sei die Ehre (God was with us, to Him be the glory). The reverse shows an Iron Cross with rays between the four arms. In the centre of the cross is a laurel wreath surrounding the dates 1870 and 1871. On the edge of the coin is inscribed AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUETZ (From conquered cannon). With original ribbon  £25   
 6659 German Legion of Honour Medal This gilded bronze medal depicts the winged Victory crowning a German soldier on the front. The reverse shows the Iron Cross 1st Class with oak leaves around the lower rim of the medal. Along the upper edge of the medal is the text FURS VATERLAND (For the Fatherland) in Gothic lettering. Awarded to WW1 Veterans in the 1920s.  SOLD   
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