Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose/Buy an Item?

There is no basket/shopping cart. The site is just lists of items with prices.
You simply send me an email stating the item number and description and tell me how you would like to pay and where you are (country).

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

If you are in the UK, then you can pay with Cheque or Postal Order or Paypal. If you are not in the UK then Paypal is the only real option.
People have sent registered cash before (either USD or Euro) so this is possible but you take the risk and hence you need to insure this packet.
I have taken IBAN bank payments before.

How Do I Pay with Paypal?

Once we have agreed the shipping costs and total, then I send you a Paypal email invoice which you click on to pay. This then takes you to your Paypal account as normal.

Do You Charge Extra for Paypal Payment?


Do You Take Credit Cards?

No - not directly. I am not a business so I donít have any credit card facilities. However, I understand that you can pay a Paypal invoice with your credit card so this may be an option.

How Often Do You Check Your Emails, when can I expect a reply?

Generally I will reply the same day or next day.
This is a part time hobby for me and so I tend to reply in the evenings and weekends when I am not at normal work.

How Quickly Do You Despatch the Item?

I tend to mirror your speed of Payment. i.e. if you pay the next day then I will make all attempts to ship the next day.

How Much are Postal/Shipping Charges?

I will mail you the shipping charges before you decide to proceed.
For small packets sent in the UK by recorded delivery the postal charge is about 2 GBP.
For international packets, the pricing is somewhere between 7 and 12 GBP.

Are the Packets Insured in Case of Loss by the Postal Service?

A small packet sent by Recorded UK Delivery is insured for a maximum of 40 GBP.
I will tend to ship items up to 50 GBP in value by Recorded Delivery.
If the packet is declared lost by the Royal Mail then I will make a claim and pay you the value of the item up to the 40 GBP limit.
For high value items I will only ship with full insurance.
In the UK - this means Royal Mail Special Delivery which is insured up to 500 GBP.
The cost of this service starts at about 6 GBP.
For overseas (non UK) shipments then I send by International Signed for Packet.
If the item is over 50 GBP, I will send with insurance included up to the full value.

Do Items Get Lost in the Post Often?

NO. So far I have only have had to claim for 2 lost packets in the past 3 years.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

In the UK it is usually 1 - 2 days after posting (but make allowances for bank holidays etc).
For non UK, e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, then 7 - 14 days seems the norm.

How Often to you Update the Site?

This is variable and depends if I have managed to acquire some good stock at decent prices.
I will try to do an update once a month.

How Do you Communicate When an Update is Due?

I tried a mailing list once but it became too big and probably treated as junk/spam on your PC.
The method I use now is to but a small variable scrolling message on the main index page at the top.

I can not see a particular picture image?

I maintain the site myself and I occasionally make mistakes.
Please feel free to mail me for any missing images or for more info.

Are the items Genuine?

Items are sold as genuine unless they are in the reproduction section and I say they are copies.
However, I am not infallible and am only a keen amateur. Therefore, I supply detailed pictures for you to study the item.

Do You Accept Returns?

Yes - provided it is within 7 days and I need to deduct the postage costs.