About the Site


I have been collecting militaria for more than 30 years when I first re-discovered my grandfather's WW2 medals for the Africa and Italy campaigns with the 8th Army.

I live in England, UK (or Great Britain as it used to be known).

I now tend to specialize in low cost, German militaria. I obtain items from militaria fairs, from markets and stores in Europe, from trading and so on. It is a hobby rather than a business and I work full time doing something completely different during most days.

I tend to sell documents such as the Wehrpass, Soldbuch and Ausweis together with medals and badges from both WW1 Imperial Germany and WW2 Third Reich Germany such as the Iron Cross etc.

I tend to update the site at least once a month. Look out for any update info posted on the main index page under NEWS.

I hope you find something of interest.

Happy Shopping,