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Reproduction Medals

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 REF# Name Description Price(GBP) Image
 7591 GALLIPOLI STAR CASED - copy Gallipoli Star in red leatherette case. Reproduction copy item but nice enamelwork 49   
 7587 LDO EK2 CASE This is a copy of the classic LDO card case for the EK2. 24 
 7583 WW2 WOUND BADGE SILVER WITH LDO CASE Nicely detailed wound badge in card LDO issue case. Badge marked 30 in the back. Reproduction item 39   
 7582 Olympic Honour Cross 1936 Reproduction 22 
 7581 Reichs Trade Competition Badge 1944 GAUSIEGER Reichs Trade Competition Badge 1944 GAUSIEGER in black leatherette case. Beleived to be top end Reproduction item with nice detail 65   
 7580 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS BLACK CASE Black leatherette case for the EK2, reproduction but good quality 25 
 7540 DEMJANSK SHIELD – COPY Non ferrous metal shield on steel backplate, reproduction  19 
 7542 NARVIK SHIELD – COPY Non ferrous shield on green cloth backing, reproduction  21 
 7324 Flower wars medal case reduced price Red medal case for Austrian/Sudeten/Memel medas#l, copy item 14 
 7260 KVK Copy - long ribbon This is a crude copy of the Knights Cross War merit cross, appears to have been taken from an original and cast in bronze which is then silvered. Detail is not great but it does come with a foot long ribbon which makes it a bargain just for the ribbon! 12 
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