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 7301 WEHRPASS DOCUMENT GROUP K.I.A EAST FRONT, EK2, Pz AR75 From my own collection, this is one of the most comprehensive Wehrpass document groups that you will find due to the number of entries and its completeness. The group includes the Army Wehrpass; full military driving licence with uniform photo, Wehrpass cover and divisional letter to the soldier’s family informing them that he has been killed in action on the eastern front. Klaus Timm, born 4.2.1919, held the rank of Unteroffizer and saw extensive war service on many fronts up until his death in October of 1944 whilst serving with the Panzer Artillerie-Regiment 75. The medals and awards section is virtually full. It is hard to make out all the decorations but clearly seen is the Winterschlact im Osten (Russian Front Medal) and the EK2 (Iron Cross 2nd class). The pass also includes the chronology of the units service in some detail – see photos. The documents are complete and in good condition with one minor defect of page 51 which has been partially torn open (as made from two sheets together) but this would easily repair and does not detract in any way. I have not done any research on the pass or the man and detailed study should reveal a fascinating story of one of the many soldiers who died for their country in the bitter battles on the Russian front.  275   
 7302 MINT CONDITION SA DOCUMENT GROUP From my own collection a mint condition SA group comprising of the brown leatherette award book for the SA Sports Badge. This booklet has fine gold tooled SA emblem to the front and is complete with its outer matching brown slip case. The documents are issued to SA man Ernst Bucholz of Berlin. The award was made in Munich in 1940. Museum quality lot due to condition.  160   
 7624 Period Rare Book: Neue Deutsche Baukunst Rare 8-3/4 x 9-3/4 inches 96 pages hard cover book in good condition is one of the best Third Reich photo books on the Nazi architecture, published by architect Albert Speer. Printed 1941 from the Volk und Reich Verlag in Berlin. Throughout the entire book are full page photos showing the art of the new German way of construction with given examples like the huge Nuremberg Party Day grounds, the new Reichschancellery, the big NSDAP school at the Chiemsee, the Reichsautobahn, Tempelhof airport and much more. Some foxing and age marks to cover but all pages present and nice clear images in good condition.  139   
 7647 WW2 Wehrpas, FLAK WW2 Wehrpas, FLAK, Ernst Koch born 1908 Entries commence May 1940 in Infantry Erst Battalion 376 then transferring to Flak Artillery 24 in July with service up to November. Complete original pass, all pages present with service entries. Based in Hamburg district which of course was heavily bombed so rare to get documents from here. Could explain why entries stop at end of 1940?  68   
 4322 Wehrpass and Arbeitsbuch to same man Wehrpass and Arbeitsbuch to Soldier – born 14/09/1894
Bernhard Stange. Issued in Naumburg - Saale .Wehrpaß issued 29.7.1937, with civilian photo, assessed twice as condition Landwehr I. WW1 service shown as 3.4.1913-20.2.1919. Arbeitsbuch issued 1910 covering employment up to 1912 in the firm of master carepenters “Carl Glitz”.
 7607 Lot of 3 x Arbeitsbuch WW2 3 x Arbeitsbuch, 2 of type1 and 1 of type 2. The type 2 has 2 holes punched. All complete, good order with work entries. SOLD 
 5481 Lot of original Assmann catalogue sheets For sale here are 20 large format original catalogue sheets from the maker FW Assmann. Some of these were used as illustrations in the book German Medal Makers Volume 2. The sheets feature numerous buttons, buckles and badges from the 1930s era including police and fire brigade items as well as army and red cross items.  49 
 7516 Wehrpass WW2 Flak Unit WW2 pass to Otto Hoeldtke born in 1897 who was a gunner in leichte Flak-Abteilung 826. This unit was formed in Essen in 1942. Many service entries up to 1944 with other units. This is a complete pass in good condition.  SOLD 
 2519 SS-Obergruppenführer Heydrich - Postage Stamps from 1942 Following the assassination of Heydrich in Prague in 1942, a commemorative stamp was issued.
For sale here is a block of 4 Heydich death mask stamps and 4 other Nazi stamps.

All unused.
 7521 Luftwaffe 1943 Pocket Book Calendar Third Reich wartime Air Force calendar - heavily illustrated 300+ page hard cover 1943 Deutscher Luftwaffen Kalender, a great pocket sized informational calendar/handbook. Information on flight equipment, weapons, Luftwaffe ranks and advertising related to aviation. Nice dedication inside and also lots of period adverts for all kinds of military equipment. There is some wear to the spine but this is all original condition and complete as far as I can see.  39   
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