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A few Medal Makers book available with black embossed cover. Medals updated Sunday 1st November, some nice cased Iron Crosses and more. See new items section.

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This site is for militaria collectors. There is no political association or support implied.
German Medals are sold for the serious collector for historical purposes and are not available for sale to those countries whose sale is not allowed under local laws i.e. Germany/Austria/France etc.
Sale items include German Militaria, Medals and War Badges, documents e.g. Wehrpass Soldbuch Ausweis Kennkarte, and documents from both the Third Reich (Nazi) and Imperial German eras from WW1 and WW2. The site also includes medals and badges e.g. Iron Cross, Panzer Badge plus Wound Badges, High Seas, Submarine, War Merit Cross, DRL, DRA badges and various other War Badges, Tinnies, EK1, EK2, etc. German Medal Makers and Their Marks 1813-1957 Book.

This site MW Militaria (or MWMilitaria) is for the sale of German Imperial and Third Reich / Nazi Militaria : Documents, Badges and Medals: Soldbuch Wehrpass Ausweis Kennkarte Iron Cross German Badges, Wound Badge, DRL DRA Sports Badge, SA SS NSDAP WW1 WW2. I will try to maintain around 20 or 30 items of militaria, documents, medals, badges etc and will try to keep it updated regularly in terms of when medals and documents have been sold/reserved etc. The German Medals, Wehrpass, Soldbuch and other documents/militaria are genuine from the period unless stated otherwise in the item description. This section of words is included here to aid finding the page when searching and so if you look for WW2 German Nazi Medals or German War Medals or badges or militaria or Iron Cross screw back and pin back, Wound Badge, Panzer Badge, Infantry Assault badges and documents like the Wehrpass, Ausweis or the soldbuch then I hope that you will be taken to this site instead of other militaria dealers. German documents will be from all services including the Wehrmacht, heer, luftwaffe and the kriegsmarine plus other Nazi organisations such as the ss, the sa, hj,BDM and the rest.From time to time I will also include WW1 militaria and medals from the Imperial Reich of the 1914 to 1918 era such as the WW1 Iron Cross or EK1 EK2, wound badge and other German medals and badges. The site now includes a bargain basement at the end which features various German Medals at reduced prices due to damage or collector reproductions copies and so on. Use these quick links to the other pages on the website for German medals, militaria, Iron Cross and other items.